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[icon] you think she's an open book....
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Subject:Surprised I Remembered My Password
Time:01:47 pm
I haven't looked at livejournal in 2 1/2 years.
Hi, I kinda missed you.
Going to look into an iPhone app. Is there one?
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Subject:yeah, i didn't want to do this....
Time:01:16 pm
Current Mood:annoyedyou're on my turf, bitches!
but it looks like it's going to be friends only for a while. YOU people get on my nerves.

so that means wesley and mr. darth dixxx need to get a journal if you want to keep your subscription.

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Current Music:techno jazz...
Subject:an evaluation
Time:12:28 am
Current Mood:confusedoh, what to do...?
sean and i ate lunch. it wasn't fun, but it wasn't horrible either. well, he said he'd still like to date me if that was okay in my book. my first gut feeling is to say yes, free food, whoot! but i know myself all too well, and i will still be attached. i am still attached. he said he wanted to take it slow. fine. that doesn't mean he still can't call me his girlfriend, right? i asked him where he wanted to go, and all he can ever come up with is this b.s. about moving. just let it flow and we'll see how it works when i move, he says. but i want to know how he feels about me. i care about you very much, he says. yeah, that's nice. but if i knew what he wanted, how he felt exactly, and where he wanted it to go, we could make this work and it would be so much easier to understand. sure we can take it slow all he wants to, but it's not going to hurt to think of how we want all of this to end up. with that, we can work towards a common goal. and that's what i want: cooperation. well, and love. but i know he won't tell me that. i know he feels it, but you have to understand sean. he's not an emotional guy. yeah i want a guy with emotions. i want a guy that expresses his emotions. but i don't want a whiny ass bitch either. that's my job. ;p sean's not a whiny ass bitch at all, thank god. he's just a stubborn jackass, but atleast he admits it. he's never really treated me bad, not at all. i just would like more. more of an effort maybe, more in general. am i asking too much? i miss him already.
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Time:06:43 am
Current Mood:rushedi hate 8:00 classes...
greg called me last night when sean was the call i was expecting. so i got all happy, because i was dreading that convo with sean. so i invited greg to the softball game. we needed a bigger cheer section anyways. but i had to bail early because i seriously had to pee.

but sean did eventually call. and he's supposed to call me at noon. so we'll see, because i'm honestly expecting him to oversleep and not call at all. but if we do lunch, i'ma try to keep my head on my shoulders and not give in due to lonliness, that's if he wants me. ugh! gosh, if he was just cooperative in the first place, there wouldn't be all this ruckus.

but it's possible that i may see a movie with greg today. i can't believe he's never seen attack of the clones!

i need to be researching for a project...
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Current Music:people
Subject:guys DO suck
Time:07:39 pm
Current Mood:annoyedman pride, ugh
you just take a little whack at their balls, and they freak out about it. geez.

it was more like a fake whack.
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Current Music:reel big fish-i want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend too
Subject:hell fuckin' yeah!
Time:03:08 pm
Current Mood:crazyi'm wearing my girlie shoes
i don't have to work today! awesome. so now i can accomplish all of my shit with no stress.

wee! jessica is happy.
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Time:11:09 am
Current Mood:thirstythis milk isn't cutting it.

i think it's safe to say i caught up on my sleep.  maybe a bit too much.  so much to where i overslept and missed both of my classes today.  oh well.  thank god for no attendance policies.

i made a movie with charlsey in the lab.  but you'll have to go to her journal to see it, for i do not have the link.  princess_chacha

and speaking of the search for the perfect man, or any man at all.  i sort of had a dream about it.  ahem, it went down like this:

i was in a bar with charlsey and trey.  i ran into heidi and it turns out she had a son.  but he was a midget, or whatever.  well, he could fit in the perimeter of a napkin on the table so that's smaller than a midget.  who cares!  he was adorable!  rupaul happened to be with her for some odd reason.  (c.j.~they're haunting my sleep, too.)  but just then i realized that there were midgets everywhere.  we were in a midget bar.  but one of those midgets was the perfect man.  he happened to look like michael bolton on steroids inside a midget body.  that's actually disgusting, but he was supposedly the "perfect man."  and then i woke up because they got my martini wrong, even though i've never had one and have no clue what they taste like.


ooh, and i'll be at the game tonight...hopefully it won't be raining.  robb, don't forget the dr. thunder.  i can bring ice if you need me to.  just give me a call.  and i'll bring leni's stuff tonight as well.

and sean is supposed to call tonight.  he called last night when i was cleaning but i didn't answer.  *crosses fingers and hopes to not give in* 

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Current Music:stuff
Subject:i <3 geeks
Time:09:40 pm
Current Mood:bouncyrunning on adrenaline...
i scored after all. wesley presented me with the girlie shoe award. aww, that's so sweet! and i'll wear them if they fit.
but like caitlin said, it's more personal. this is why my award is better than you losers with juror awards. mine was filled with love, somewhat anyways. so thank you wesley, i <3 you.
but congrats to everyone who entered stuff, or got in the show, or won stuff. you rock.

but the show was fun. i was pleased with the turnout. the food was good and the people were receptive. everything was almost gone, but i walked away with some free guacamole. yum!

ooh, and my ensemble was fun. props to jerome for letting me borrow the wig. it's always fun to dress up for a night. but i prefer the wavy, redheaded jessica. ;p

thank you charlsey for coming. it was fun! love ya mucho!

i have 6 figure drawings due tomorrow, of which i have zero. suta can get over it. maybe i'll try to suck up and give him 8 on thursday....yeah.

sean called, and i avoided it. we can talk tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that because, well, i'm busy. hah.

does anyone know of places with 6-midnite shifts? i need a new job, like now.

now off to catch up on my zzz's within the next 2 hours. i've only gotten 1 1/2 hrs of sleep in the past 36 hours. whoo!
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Current Music:green day
Subject:late night excursions with various art fags.
Time:05:55 am
Current Mood:drained7 more hrs of being a zombie
well, i've had a fun weekend. hung out with wesley saturday night. he came with me to wallyworld and we listened to tenacious d. and i gave him the tour of hickville. wesley is officially the cutest thing ever!

cooking for the show was fun. it took forever! but it was fun. the food is going to rock, so be there. i got home at 5 this morning. i guess i'll just come home during lunch and take a nap.

jerome rocks. chad came over to chill as well. thank you robb for letting us use your kitchen. otherwise all of this would have been impossible. sorry robb and c.j, the hot sex did not take place, better luck next time ;p

i have a project due in 2 hours!

sean came into work. he thought everything was cool. he said he was busy all week and didn't have a chance to call. i think he's full of shit. ooh, i was a total bitch and it was fun. what a clueless bastard. but we will have a real conversation about this whole deal and figure it out from there. but unless he sweeps me off my feet (which seems unlikely at this point), i'm sure we'll go nowhere.

and i'm considering making my journal friends only, as in like real friends. i've got too many weirdos reading my shit, leaving anonymous comments, and just plain giving me the creeps. thanks. i mean, at least grow some balls and leave your name, it would make me feel better.

i mean really, in reference to my last post: i rant. it's what i do best. this is why i created this journal 2 1/2 years ago, just so i can complain about a feeling i was having for 10 minutes of a day. fun!

wesley: get a journal. like now.

oh, and a movie: http://mm.dfilm.com/mm2s/mm_route.php?id=2350971
it's a stress reliever, so don't take it seriously. hehe.
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Current Music:reese just walked in the door
Subject:undesired thought processes
Time:08:08 pm
Current Mood:fullfat much?
today has been rather uneventful. sure, i can think of a shitload of things i need to be doing right now, but that's just not my style to get them done ahead of time.

i cleaned my auntie's house for $20. i'm sad to see that she hasn't been doing too well lately. (she had double bypass surgery) her pulse rate is double the norm and she doesn't look too good at the moment. i hope a trip to the doctor on monday will bring us some good news.

i want to go see sin city. i think i might just go watch it later, by myself. i think an action packed flick with lots of violence and nudity might be enjoyed more alone. and i can smuggle in a burger and an oreo mcflurry. sounds like a plan. yes, it does.

as for now, i'm in the trahern lab passing the time. doing nothing, being nothing, but thinking of everything. i hate thinking.

really now, what the fuck do you guys want? yeah, i really mean guys. not YOU guys, but guys...it seems most go for either a) bottle blondes, b) easy chicks (which almost always constitutes as a bottled blonde), c) skinny chicks who look emaciated and sick, or d) the girl next door.
but how about the chick across the street from the girl next door. no.
or how about her neighbor. nah.

guys suck and so do their desires to be with every woman that's out of their league so to speak. fuck you all.

p.s. i'm starting some sort of diet on monday, thanks to the view of modern day society that you have to be thin, beautiful, and stupid to get anywhere in life. no more value meals at mcdonalds for me!
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[icon] you think she's an open book....
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