you think she's an open book....

but you don't know which page to turn to, do you?

5 September 1984
I'm a crazy, often drunk bitch, that legally sells drugs and fictitiously murders people in my artwork. yay!
accents, afterhour movie theatre adventures, alaskan oil spills, anatomy, andes mints, arsony, art, band-aides, bar hopping, batman, beer, beer bottlecaps, best week ever, bio dome, bjork, bonfires, booby shirts, booty music, carmike 8, ceramics, cheese sticks, chinese food, chino moreno, clarksvegas, clay, coffee, cola icees, concerts, cooking, cuddling in bed, dark chocolate, deftones, dr. pepper, drawing, drink bitch!, driving, drunk bitch, earrings, ex-boyfriends, explosions, facial hair, fellow alcoholics, final fantasy, fingernail polish, fireworks, flip flops, foot massages, full moons, gatlinburg, geek rock, general tso's chicken, getting dirty, glasses, glowing in the dark, good conversation, guitar hero, guys, hair dye, hanging out, happiness, harry potter, hats, holidays, hot baths, hot waiter bobby, hugs, incubus, ink, installations, jack black, jager, karaoke, kevin smith movies, kicking ass, kiki smith, kissing, laughing, lesbians, lightning, liquor, lost, lots of coffee, love, lucky charms, metal, mexican food, milk, mixed media, money, music, night owls, ninjas, orbit gum, pho, pillows, pirates, potatoes, pringles, ps2, purses, reading, redheads, relaxation, road trips, robots, romance, sarcasm, scarves, sculpture, sewing, sexxx, singing, ska, sleeping in, snow days, soft-air guns, spiderman, spitting, starry nights, stone temple pilots, strawberries, sushi, sweet tea, team zissou, tenacious d, the bum bum song, the melting pot, the vampire chronicles, the way of sub, tiger lillies, toe socks, tom cruise, tom green, tootsie rolls, trahern, twizzlers, vans, wax, welding, wes anderson movies, your mom, zelda, zombies